Permanent 2

The Touch Spreadsheet

The Spreadsheet Experience, Redesigned

Permanent 2 is a completely new way to use spreadsheets on your tablet. Forget frustrating and limited, hard to use apps. Permanent features an entirely new user interface, designed specifically for touch.

Works With Your Spreadsheets

You don't have to start all over. Permanent lets you edit your existing spreadsheets in place. The updates you make are compatible with other applications.

Supported File Types

Permanent/PMT, XLSX, CSV, TSV

Seamless Cloud Sync

Link your cloud account and start editing your workbooks immediately. Your changes are saved invisibly and instantaneously. Now you can take your documents with you.

Supported Cloud Services

Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Evernote

Designed for iPad

Permanent takes full advantage of the capabilities of iPad. Scroll and edit spreadsheets on iPad's highly responsive, capacitive sensing touchscreen. Redesigned to feel right at home on iOS 7.

Feature Rich

Infinite Scroll

New rows and columns appear instantly and automatically


Pinch to see data in context. Or spread to focus in.


Access to your iPad's font library

Undo & Redo

Made a mistake? Shake to Undo.


The formulas you need, at your fingertips.

Area Select

Select multiple cells, quickly and easily


Tap & Hold to rearrange selected columns and rows

Area Translate

Tap & Hold to move multiple cells

Smart Fill

Faster and smarter. Duplicate & extrapolate.

Cut, Copy, Paste

Full support for commonly used actions


Large cells are easier to edit


Lock header columns and rows for comparison scrolling


Insert, Delete, and Merge entire infinite columns and rows

Merged Cells

Complete support for merged areas


Sort columns and selected areas

File Browser

Completely redesigned for easier interaction.


Share your spreadsheets, in a variety of formats


Visually offset important data


Includes a complete HSB color picker for text & backgrounds


Number Formats such as Currency, Percentage, and more.